Most Pictures From Last Week



Herbie had an interesting drama in class with a girl who sat by him and kept being assigned to Herbie as a work partner. When working with her, she would accuse him of lying, and then slap him! She did this like 10 times?

At some point Herbie told Ruby and during one of the breaks Ruby confronted her (in front of all the rest of his class), and said something along the lines of, “That’s hitting. He’s not hitting you back because he’s a boy and you’re a girl. But guess what, I’m a girl, and if you do it again, I’ll hit you.”

Ruby later acknowledged that this had not been the right thing to say, but Woo and I would giggle a little bit whenever we’d think of it—Ruby charging in and coming to the rescue of her little brother.

(The girl switched seats, and as far as we know, no further slapping has occurred.)

In the last weeks of summer Moses got the idea to design his own country. All his siblings (but Ruby) jumped on board, drawing maps, naming their countries, staging Olympics between the made up countries, etc.

Penelope’s country is Palastinia and she wrote a national anthem for her country. One line from the anthem says, “We’ll try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try ‘til we can try no more!”

She and Archie sing it together pretty frequently, usually while marching. (Archie’s country is Napria. And I guess because everyone else will want me to mention their country… Moses’ is Megatron; Herbie’s is the Republic of the CoolKids; and Linus’ is Caratuga.)

Thanks to our printer, I have the hymn we’re working on, and the scripture, printed out and taped to the window. Nelpea and Archie spent an afternoon together memorizing all the verses of the hymn and the scripture. It was nice to hear them in the living room singing together.

Moses is thrilled to have a normal schedule this year and to see his siblings during the school week. Linus is thrilled to have Moses.

Linus mostly talks about being able to play soccer in the park with Moses, but they’ve also enjoyed their lunch breaks together.

One lunch they worked as a team to make French toast, during another, they made muffins. Then they settled into the dining/living room to eat and listen to me read Rangers Apprentice, which neither has read before, and I knew they would love.

Linus is intrigued that the main character is small (short). He’s asked me a lot of height related questions lately. Moses is happy to listen to me read *almost* anything (when I’m not reading him a book, he tells me that he misses it), but they both love the adventure in this one.

All the kids have their great things they continue to do: Ruby was again an excellent peacemaker, specializing in tired and/or cast out siblings. Moses again got right to work on his homework and was the first one on his knees and quiet for family prayers. Also, he often says very sweet family prayers. Linus wakes himself up every morning at 5:50 AM, kneels and says a good personal prayer, then comes downstairs without waking his younger siblings to get started on his morning scriptures and family history. Penelope asks lots of questions during her personal scripture study and gets lots of answers, which she always writes down.

But the thing this week that made me the most happy and really seemed like a miracle is that Archie and Herbie were buddies! I haven’t seen that in a long time. It’s just them a couple times in the morning after other kids leave for school, and they’ve sung songs together, worked on mazes together…

One morning when we left the apartment, Herbie offered to hold Archie up so Archie could touch the ceiling going down the stairs. Archie was a little nervous because Herbie had never offered anything so kind before, but Herbie carried him down all four flights of stairs, lifting him higher when the ceiling was in reach, and Archie had a gigantic smile on his face.

I am also kind of excited because it finally feels like fall to me in the fall here! Yay!! I love fall!

And that’s a tiny bit of our week. Hope yours was great!