Starts and False Starts

Woo (drinking the leftover currant berry sorbet mixed with soda that’s sat around the house 
for over a year): I feel like I’m at a wedding reception.
Herbie: at MY wedding reception we’re going to have kangaroo, ostrich and snails!
Woo: I hope you’re planning on paying for this—
Herbie: And everyone has to have two snails!
Woo: This doesn’t sound like a wedding reception. This sounds like a dictatorship.
Herbie: Okay. Everyone only has to eat ONE snail!

Monday was actually a holiday, so no school. We had a branch activity, which went better than expected. At least better than past family history activities (from my and the kids’ perspectives).

Monday night Moses’ teacher sent an email: don’t send kids to school until I know for sure!

Tuesday morning, Linus started online class, and Herbie happily returned to school.

He was back two hours later. His DT had run into his second class and sent everyone home immediately; they weren’t supposed to be there. He was not happy about that, and there were some rumors that everyone in his class would have to be retested.

Linus diligently attended online school. Moses was unable to log on until Woo came home from the post office (wrong wetsuit is finally on its return) and did it for him in a second.

Herbie had virtually nothing. Maybe one or two emailed assignments?

Tuesday afternoon Linus got a certificate from the health department saying he was in isolation until Thursday. Luckily, he’d already been to church, the activity, numerous stores and the park several times after he tested negative and before we knew that.

Tuesday evening Moses’ teacher said class would start Wednesday. A couple hours later he sent a longer email with several options, but it still looked to us that Moses would be returning on Wednesday. He’s vaccinated and tested negative.

Wednesday Moses and Nelpea walked to school together, but Moses was home two hours later. He’d been the only kid in his class to go to school, and his second period teacher sent him home to do school online with everyone else.

His first class was PE, with the teacher who’d tested positive and started this whole thing. He was already back in school, and he and Moses played badminton, basketball and soccer (in the gym, with another class on the other side).

Wednesday afternoon we finally heard from someone for Herbie. He could return to school on Thursday. We got official word from Linus’ DT that he would start on Friday.

Wednesday evening we received Herbie’s official isolation statement from the health department, his isolation had ended on Tuesday.

Woo brought home “a casserole” from a member who recently got a job at a restaurant. He put it in the fridge and reminded me to heat it up for dinner.

Neither of us looked at it, but Woo was pretty excited. As fish is so prominent here, I had my doubts and prepared another, easy meal as a back up while the tinfoil package heated in the oven.

It was lucky I did. The “casserole” ended up being a pan of assorted seafood leftovers, and it had been frozen, which neither of us knew, so it was still cold. Woo made a valiant effort to eat a few things, but they weren’t very good, and the whole thing ended up in the trash. It was sad for Woo, who’d gotten his hopes up.

But, in good news, by the end of the week he was in possession of the correct wetsuit.

Ruby had an excellent missionary week, again. She always talks to an inactive sister whenever she sees her around town, and Ruby always invites her to church or an activity or whatever.

Last Sunday this sister came to church for the first time in three or more years? She just popped in for a few minutes, but she got a welcome from everyone, especially Ruby.

There was a lady sitting outside the church for a lot of sacrament meeting. Woo thought she was listen to the music. He sent Ruby out to talk to her, and Ruby did. We could see her through the window, talking to the lady and another guy who happened by.

There was a downs girl sitting by herself in the temple baptistery. She was sitting by her mom (I think) when we first arrived, but then her mom left. The girl gave me a big smile and wave, as we’d previously “met” in the locker room just minutes before. This intrigued Ruby and she was soon sitting by her, keeping her reverent and occupied for the rest of our time there.

Penelope went to school alone a lot. Usually I walked with her, but sometimes Woo. I drove her and Ruby on a rainy day, but most days, the downpours happened when none of us were outside and cleared up when we were. (I had prayed for this.)

Penelope seemed to adjust to the time change best. I think this is something she always does. I have written in my blessing list for Wednesday that Penelope was cheerful ALL day long, and also that she was the only one (for the whole day).

Archie was excited to have a family history unit in school immediately following our family history activity. He told his class that he sometimes did family history on the computer. He filled out a family tree with his parents, siblings, grandparents, his aunts and uncles and all his cousins, and was confident he’d have the largest family tree.

Archie had a few unhappy days when a new kid joined his class. At first he was excited and tried to be the new kid’s friend.

But then he came home upset occasionally and one night he burst into tears telling me that the new kid was “ruining my relationship with Junior!”

Junior is one of Archie’s favorite friends and the new kid wouldn’t let Archie play with him. We said a prayer together, and Archie hasn’t mentioned it since, nor come home from school upset.

Last week in the temple baptistery, Woo baptized a young man who was from an area that Woo had opened as a missionary. That was kind of a fun moment for him.

Which reminds me that while being baptized Moses goes under in a new and surprising way every time. This makes Woo and I smile, and when we mentioned this to him, he shrugged and said something along the lines of: well, I’m being baptized for a different person each time.

I filled out and printed forms for the kids’ passport renewal and also printed vaccination certificates for everyone who has them. We have no plans to go anywhere, but it made me ridiculously happy anyway.

Woo and I walked into the temple planning on doing our scheduled iniatories, but they told us we could do endowments. It was a pleasant surprise. They've opened up a few more seats every session. Now we only need a better day for baptisms.

And that’s our week! I hope yours was great!