In January it will be two years since Woo got the revelation for us to overcome contention and rudeness. We’ve come a long way. I started out wanting to overcome contention and rudeness, but as time went on, I learned more about what truly eradicates contention and rudeness. 

We’ve overcome a lot of things (some of it not fun), while my goals and prayers for my family keep stretching higher and higher as I learn something new.

They’re pretty high now. My tiniest prayers are answered almost immediately (the wind changing when cigarette smoke or exhaust gets blown into my face, for example), so I know that my Heavenly Father is hearing and answering me.

And we keep on keeping on.

One evening we were reading 3 Nephi 19, when Archie raised his hand and said that what we were reading reminded him of Moroni 2.

We questioned that it had much of a connection when he couldn’t tell us why, but had to turn to Moroni 2. And then when he started reading Woo and I smiled at each other. It was an exact match and perfect addition to our discussion. Thank you, Archie for knowing Moroni so well.

Ruby and Herbie had another super seminary activity on Saturday. We thought Ruby would have a better time if they road the bus with the other kids and we weren’t there.

(Couldn’t happen last time as it was here.)
(Ruby and Herbie are directly behind the templar knight)

Woo did a lot of extra driving and wrangling and texting to meet the bus coming from Oeiras and heading to Tomar. The kind of thing neither Woo nor I enjoy doing, but he did anyway.

The bus passed the pick up point the first time, and Ruby was apparently unhappy about that, but she ended up having a great time. She says she hung out with a boy that always hangs around Moses at stake activities even though he’s 16, and his sister. We’ve never known his name until Ruby hung out with him: Leonel.

Herbie also had a great time. It’s unclear who he hung out with. Ruby, mostly? Occasionally some other kids? It’s possible to just mill around in the big group of kids. There’s one leader he also really likes from boys camp.

Linus said there was nothing to do and went up to his room, where he folded some paper and figured out how to make a Christmas tree. (He had been inspired by this little tree his primary teacher made.)

Everyone was pleased with his work and the next day, Moses taped sheets of paper together to make a wider base and used Linus’ technique to make an even bigger Christmas tree for us.

Herbie took up juggling. He’s gotten Moses and Linus on board. Woo gave them some expert advice a couple of times. The kids were surprised he knew how! He helped Linus move that difficult step from 3 to 6. Moses can do 15, and Herbie’s in the 60s.

Penelope often talks about tests as if she’s worried about how she did on them, and then comes home and says she got a 5 (the highest grade) and is completely surprised.

Thursday she said she had a test in music, ran into Ruby’s room to play the piano for a few minutes to “study.” And again pulled off a surprising (to her) five.
Linus (trying hard to control his language): Archie, if you don’t stop, I’m going to… kiss you!
          (Warming up to his threat): If you don’t stop, I’m going to kiss you! On the lips!

It was a highly effective threat and had the added bonus of making Linus smile and forget what he was mad about.

And that’s our week, hope yours was great!