Cheltz (+ Woo): Woo and I actually met as toddlers. Well, we had the same pediatrician, so we must've met in the waiting room at some point. Probably.

Our second meeting happened in high school, but my senior-self would not have looked twice at a sophomore. It wasn't until I'd graduated from college that I was ready to consider (and then marry) a friendly, younger guy.

Shortly after marriage we moved to St. Louis, where we started our family. I never thought I would have 6 kids (or so close together), but spending my days with a posse of little kids is actually delightful.

After 6 years in St. Louis, we moved to small-town Utah so we could enjoy the mountains, the lake, the snow, the lack of humidity ... and so we could renovate that old, decrepit house I've always wanted.

Ruby (handing me some scribbled on paper): Mom can you read this?
Me: No.
Ruby (running away): I told you Herbie! It's so fancy, not even Mom can read it!

Woo: Guys, what's a term of endearment that I can call Mom? Something that will show her I love her.
Herbie: Baggybum the Beerbelly!!
Woo: Hmmm, somehow I think that name will have the opposite effect, Herbie.

Moses is almost always dry at night, but one night he had an accident,
"Mom, did you know that my pillow can pee?"

Linus (following me around the kitchen, slapping my bum with every syllable): I's going to spank yours bum, bum, bum, yours little bum. I have a big one.

Penelope has reached that fine time in life where she has gigantic, blubbery thighs and teeny, tiny feet.

Archie Maybe the 3rd baby's a charm and the 6th is a miracle??