Cheltz + Woo: We have no idea what we're doing on the internet, but here we are. 

One night, over 10 years ago, the Holy Ghost told me to follow the example of my father-in-law and write a weekly email. So I did.

About 4 years later, the Holy Ghost told me to put it on the internet. So I did.

I can only assume that in 20 years, when I have 200 readers, we'll make some sort of a difference! For now, my kids love having an easy cache of stories about them.

Ruby sometimes plays basketball and soccer at "basically the same time."

Herbie does work for fun.

Moses was voted "funniest kid" by the others.

Linus wants to be the best soccer goalie ever.

Penelope dares to eat fish eyes.

And nobody in Archie's class smokes.